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Please read the below regarding membership for the year

2024 - New method for membership creation, this can now be undertaken by yourselves and the BRC Membership portal direct.  Please click here to go to the portal.

Either create a new login, or reset your password - gentle warning, this site requires 10 digit password!!!!

Duration of membership

2024 the rules have changed, this is now a rolling membership for 12 months since you joined.

Membership Fee

**Contributions to BRC has now increased

Membership Email Address

If you have any queries about your membership, please either send an email to the above or contact a member of the committee

Data Email Address (GDPR)

A specific Data (GDPR) email address has been set up for any queries regarding your data held by VOARC.  This is

We adhere to strict GDPR governance in accordance with BRC regulations.  Your data is held in the strictest confidence, with the appropriate security measures in place.

Downloadable Membership Form

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