Sapey opening times

Here are the opening times for Sapey in the next few weeks before the area. If anyone needs eyes on the ground Milly is happy to pop up one afternoon/evening. Let her know.
Prelim entries close for area HT end of May if you know of anyone interested let Milly know 07791867647 or email camillaleitch@hotmail.co.uk.

  • Open on Monday 23rd and then Thursday night (Dressage Evening).
  • Closed Fri 27th (Nick Guanlett Clinc) open in the evening only after 5pm,
  • Open Sat 28th and closed on Sunday 29th May (Ludlw PC have hired it)
  • Open Bk Hol Mon & Tues then closed.

See a calendar of all our forthcoming activities on the What's On page.  Below are the next events:
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