Dressage times for 7th May

Please find below dressage times for this coming Sunday.


Rider Horse Score
Class 1      
Intro B
10.00 a.m. Emma Coates Alfie
10.06 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
10.13 a.m. Mandy Naylor Ellie
10.19 a.m. Cerian Stokes Bertie Bassett
10.26 a.m. Kate Loupart Independent Quest
10.32 a.m. Sue Pugh Marley
10.39 a.m. Olivia Kavanah Squirrel
10.45 a.m. Anna Bucholz Milly
10.58 a.m. Julia Koeller Des
11.05 a.m. Katherine Fanouraki Alfie
11.11 a.m. Stacey Robinson Dusky
11.18 a.m. Polly Shorrock Sally
11.24 a.m. Jan Howells Socks
11.31 a.m. Juliet Morgan Libby
11.36 .am. Kate Watts
11.43 a.m. Natalie Carrigher Trooper
Class 2      
Intro C
11.58 a.m. Sue Pugh Marley
12.05 p.m. Mandy Naylor Ellie
12.11 p.m. Sarah Morris Patch
12.18 p.m. Katherine Fanouraki Alfie
12.24 p.m. Wendy Sussi Nolton Jerry
12.30 p.m. Yaz Squirrel
12.37 p.m. Candice Skevington Independent Quest
12.43 p.m. Laura Fanouraki Windsor Rose
12.50 p.m. Rosie Greenhill Birtley Cathys Dream
12.56 p.m. Natalie Carrigher Trooper
1.07 p.m. Wendy Lewis Lofn
1.13 p.m. Jenny Pudge Brin
Class 3 Rider Horse Score
1.28 p.m. Frankie Paine Harold
1.34 p.m. Jane Allcoat Henry
1.41 p.m. Rowena Craig-Aliani Lord Sallyfield
1.47 p.m. Izzy Hill Curra May
1.54 p.m. Jessica Powell Joe Rua
2.00 p.m. Sue Hewitt Charlie
2.07 p.m. Ellie Jones Rambo
2.13  p.m. Jan Howells Socks
2.20 p.m. Jenny Pudge Brin
Class 4      
2.33 p.m. Anthony Cannan Maisie
2.39 p.m. Jane Allcoat Henry
2.45 p.m. Rowena Craig-Aliani Lord Sallyfield
2.52 p.m. Frankie Paine Harold
2.58 p.m. Izzy Hill Curra May
3.05 p.m. Jessica Powell Joe Rua
3.11 p.m. Sue Hewitt Charlie
3 18 p.m. Ellie Jones Rambo
3.24 p.m. Lisa Bell Domino
3.30 p.m. Anthony Cannan Shipping Isadora
Class 5      
3.45 p.m. Georgie Dickenson Whisper
3.52 p.m. Klara Tenhagen Paddy
3.59 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest
4.05 p.m. Lisa Bell Domino
4.12 p.m. Carol Clare Sunny
Class 6      
N / E
4.20 p.m. Candice Skevington Paddy        (N)
4.26 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest    (El)
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