Dressage times for 20th September

Class 1 Intro A
10.00 a.m. Ailsa Bufton Ziggy
10.06 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
10.12 a.m. Cerian Stokes Bertie Bassett
10.18 a.m. Rehanna Hall Solomons Gold
10.24 a.m. Nicole Thomas Fi
Class 2 Intro B
10.42 a.m. Nicole Thomas Fi
10.48  a.m. Georgie Dickinson Whisper
10.54  a.m. Sue Hewitt Keeden
11.00 a.m. Ailsa Bufton Ziggy
11.06a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
11.12 a.m. Jenny Pudge Brin
Class 3 Prelim 1
11.30 a.m. Jenny Pudge Brin
11.36 a.m. Sue Pugh Rosscon Jeffrey
11.42 a.m. Sue Hewitt Keeden
11.48 a.m. Janice Rees Alfred
11.54  a.m. Jane Alcoat Norman
12.00 p.m. Sue Keatley Tom
12.06  p.m. Beccy Pugh Monica
Class 4 Prelim 4
12.30.p.m. Sue Keatley Tom
12.36 p.m. Beccy Pugh Monica
12.42 p.m. Jane Alcoat Norman
12.48.p.m. Sue Pugh Rosscon Jeffrey
12.54 p.m. Janice Rees Alfred                ??
Class 5 Novice 30
1.00 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest
1.06 p.m. Sue Keatley Sherlock
Class 6 Novice 34
1.18 p.m. Sue Keatley Sherlock
1.24 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest
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