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This is the most exciting announcement for generations to hit the sport of Dressage in Great Britain. British Dressage (BD) has this week launched a new competition for riders of all ages and abilities called ‘Team Quest’. We’re looking for riders at Intro, Prelim and Novice to take part in a fun and relaxed dressage competition – even if you’ve never competed before. Teams of three or four riders will ride as individuals across the three test levels (any combination) and the best three scores count towards an overall team total, highest percentage wins the day. There will be three age categories for teams; 16 and under, 25 and under and mixed (riders of any age).


Double Olympic Gold Medallist and European Champion Charlotte Dujardin is behind the new concept. She said; “This is great news from British Dressage! Riding dressage is my passion and I want to see as many riders as possible taking part and experiencing this great sport. I love riding in a team; it makes everything that bit more fun – sharing problems, helping each other, having a joke and of course friends to share the good and bad times. Standing on the podium with my team mates in London was my proudest moment and Team Quest means everyone has the chance to try and experience that. What could be better than trying dressage with your friends and family at great venues all over the country? Team Quest gives you the chance to improve you and your horse, meet new friends and try to qualify for a great Championship. What are you waiting for – come and try dressage!”

BD has offered running the Team Quest competitions to all 180 or so of its venues and within a week of asking, over 50 have signed up so far with more expected. A full fixture list will be published on the BD website in the New Year. All BD Venues in Wales have agreed to run Team Quest competitions.
The Team Quest League will run from 01 March to 21 September for the three age groups and teams will earn points at each competition if they place in the top 10. The top 15 placed teams will then qualify for a Championship to be held at Bury Farm in Buckinghamshire on 1 -2 November.

BD aims to keep the competition as easy and accessible as possible with simplified rules. Important points include; relaxed dress rules – we want riders to be safe so proper head and foot wear are required but team colours are positively encouraged, just one team member must be a full BD member with a free team quest membership needed for anyone not already with BD, horses can be any height but must be four years old and over, and they can be shared but only can only go in two tests per day. Entry fees are just £15 per test at all venues for the first round of competition.
British Dressage Chief Executive Amanda Bond commented; “While British Dressage is synonymous with affiliated competition, we have a duty to look after the sport of dressage and we’re hoping that new riders will be tempted to try the sport that we all love so much. But this will also be fun for our current members who really love the team format. Family, best friends, yard colleagues, college buddies, work mates – your team can come from anywhere but one thing’s for sure, you’ll have fun competing alongside all of them! We look forward to welcoming you all to Team Quest.”

A dedicated page has been set up on the BD website under the Competitions section with complete details. Plus, there’s a dedicated Facebook and Twitter account so that all our teams and venues can share their experiences – we want lots of videos, pictures and reports – share your Team Quest story with the dressage community!

Follow us on www.facebook.com/TeamQuestBD or www.twitter.com/TeamQuestBD.

 Revised rule change

From 01 December 13, when the new rule book comes into effect, all riders under the age of 14 (until end of the year of their 13th birthday) will be allowed to continue to ride in the restricted section at any level irrespective of their rider group.

For example, a rider under the age of 14, who has gained more than 14 points at elementary will now be allowed to remain in the restricted section at novice rather than move in to the open section.
All horses must still be eligible for the level being ridden at and if the horse point’s limits are exceeded, the horse will need to apply to be downgraded.
This also brings an exception to the downgrade rule (20) in that a downgraded horse/pony ridden by a rider under the age of 14 may be ridden in a restricted section as does not have to go open.
All under 14 riders will qualify for Regionals and Area Festivals in exactly the same way as all other riders.
As soon as a rider reaches the end of their 13th year, they will need to enter the correct section and level (open/restricted) as per the regular BD rules.
These rules have been added in recognition of the fact that riders of this age are physically and mentally less developed and need to be nurtured in the early stages of their riding careers. We don’t currently offer sections exclusively for children and this is one way in which we feel we can make difference for youngsters keen to get into dressage.

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