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Team Quest competition

BD Quest

There is another British Dressage Team Quest competition @ Kings Equestrian Centre near Bromyard on Sunday 8th March. The Vale of Arrow Riding Club would love to send a team or 2 again  as it was so popular and successful last year. Teams of 3/4 riders compete individually at intro, preliminary or novice tests. Riders must be BD Quest members available online @ BD for £20. All horses must be Associate BD members which is free, again available online @ British Dressage. A Team can be made up of any combination of levels for example, 4 intro riders or 2 intro and 2 prelim or 1 intro 2 prelim and 1 novice rider etc. Also you don’t have to be a member of VOARC, as the team will be made up from VOARC members and friends, so don’t feel that you have to rejoin. Just would be great to get a few teams together for a fun day out locally!!

Quest Class 1 – BD Intro B (2009)

WarmUp Class 2 – PYO P7/P12/N27

Quest Class 3 – BD Prelim 4 (2002)

Quest Class 4 – BD Novice 24 (2010)

Entry Fee – £15 per Team Quest Class & £12 Warm Up Class 2.

If you are interested in competing and being part of a very relaxed team, it would be great to hear from you. You can either email me at camillaleitch@hotmail.co.uk or ring/text me on 07791867647.

Team Quest rankings so far

Here are the rankings for the Team Quest which has just starting again this year. If you would like to have a go and be apart of the VOARC team please contact Milly. Tests start from Intro and go up to Novice.

team quest results

Latest News for your information

What has happened?

In December it was announced the (BS) EN 1384 will be withdrawn from European Legislation. This change means hat manufacturers will not be able to CE mark (an indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation) hats that only meet this level of certification.

The complete removal of the standard has occurred as an agreement could not be reached on updating the base European standard.

The withdrawal is due in part to the European working group responsible for the hat standard failing to reach an agreement on this overdue revision, and subsequently causing the commission to take this drastic step,” a statement from the British Equestrian Federation explained.


Is the (BS) EN1384 safe to ride in?

The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) has told H&H there is no need for riders who wear (BS) EN 1384 but do not compete to change their hats.

“Hats certified to this standard have reduced injuries and saved countless lives,” said BETA’s Claire Williams. “The protection that (BS) EN 1384 offers has not changed”.

When used and fitted correctly, (BS) EN 1384 hats will continue to be as protective as they have been for the best part of 20 years, since the standard first appeared.”

What if I compete in affiliated equestrian events/riding clubs/Pony Club?

All of the sport’s main governing bodies have announced that they will be phasing out the (BS)EN1384 standard.

The organisations have released the following guidelines:
British Eventing — will permit (BS) EN 1384 hats in 2015 but not thereafter. All hats will be retagged in 2016 at which stage no hats made solely to (BS) EN 1384 will be tagged or permitted for use.
Riding Clubs — will permit (BS) EN 1384 hats in 2015 but not thereafter. All hats will be retagged in 2016 at which stage no hats made solely to (BS) EN 1384 will be tagged or permitted for use.
Pony Club — will permit (BS) EN 1384 hats in 2015 but not thereafter. Full details of the revised hat tagging procedure will be communicated out to the membership and volunteers shortly.
British Dressage — will permit (BS) EN 1384 hats in 2015 but not thereafter.
British Showjumping — will permit (BS) EN 1384 hats in 2015 but not thereafter.
British Horse Society — will permit (BS) EN 1384 hats in 2015 but not thereafter. From 1.1.2016 hats made solely to (BS) EN 1384 will not be permitted for use in BHS Approved Centres.

What happens if my hat is marked (BS) EN 1384 but also has another recognised standard?

The new regulations will only impact hats that only meet the (BS) EN 1384 standard. Where hats are dual badged — for example (BS) EN 1384 with another standard such as Snell or PAS015 — then the hat will continue to be legal in competition.

What should I do if I am buying a new hat?

Contact your preferred manufacturer and they should be able to give you further information regarding their brand.

Anatomy and Movement Lecture

The equine biomechanic talk in December was a great success with riders, trainers and  riding  instructors showing a lot of interest. Our feedback has shown that those who attended wish to hear more from  the riders perspective. We have embraced this idea and are offering a joint event on Sunday, February  15th at Arrow Equestrian: Iris is going to present how the head, neck and  back work and Sue Adams Wheeler is going to explain what that means for the rider.  After that things are going to get practical with in hand work and  ridden work in the indoor school, presented by Sue Nevill-Parker and Sue Adams Wheeler .

For more information please visit  http://www.ap-vet.co.uk/event.html

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See a calendar of all our forthcoming activities on the What's On page.  Below are the next events:
Upcoming Events
all-day Team Show Jumping @ Kings EC
Team Show Jumping @ Kings EC
Mar 18 all-day
Closing date is the 12th for teams so please contact Milly if you are interested.
7:30 pm Committee Meeting @ Mortimers Cross Inn
Committee Meeting @ Mortimers Cross Inn
Mar 21 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
10:30 am William Blane master coach FBHS ... @ Lucton School
William Blane master coach FBHS ... @ Lucton School
Mar 25 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
William Blane master coach FBHS Clinics at Lucton School Whether you are just starting out on your journey with horses, want to develop your career, or need some help to progress to competing at a[...]